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SO! It's been a long, long time since I've been here at ol' deviantART dot com.

Like...two years, lmfao.

So much has changed since I registered here five years ago. All my deviations have been put into storage and all my journals have been deleted. I see a lot of my old friends still hang around here and haven't changed at all, while some deleted ages ago.

If you're still hanging around (doubtful, but could be)-- I'm going to be attending CalArts this fall! California Institute of the Arts! For Character Animation, which had record-setting competitive applications this year and has an 8-10% acceptance rate for the program! That's college! Art school! At the best school for animation in the country, which is...shocking, quite frankly. I'll be graduating from high school this June.

I wake up every morning and the fuck did I get here? And especially after having to sift through years of embarrassing artwork and journals I've made on this website, I wonder how I ever got this far to begin with. Very embarrassiiinnnnggg.....but also pretty cool, also pretty scary. But that's life I guess. We do things and move on and change and stay the same.

I now have an art-only blog here

(warning it's full of crappy dump doodles LMAO everything sorta gets tossed over here

I also have a twitter here!

(where I blab about anime/cartoons/feelings, mostly)

I won't be returning to deviantART because this website is a shithole to be quite frankkk....You may not find whatever I'm into right now interesting yourself, but I've got mountains of artwork that show how much I've improved! (Or how I still shitpost my five minutes doodles LMAO....that hasn't changed at all, I still dump a lot) Some of you might be more shocked than I am considering how long it's been, haha.

It's good to know that my goals have been reached and that I'm going to a good place. A lot of shit has happened these past few years, I've made mistakes, I've been wronged, I've made new friends and lost old ones, and life goes on.

Peace out, yall. Have a good one! And you (yes, you) --I love ya!

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happy birthday^^
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Happy Birthday :cake:
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I did not trace, free hand while watching video. Hope you like! You inspire me so!

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Lovely page! ^^
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